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Some fraudulent elements / job racketeers are trapping the candidates promising job opportunities in Railways for their personal gain. If any person is approaching you promising job opportunities, be aware that he is cheating you.

    1.  The panel/result of recruitment held for erstwhile Group ‘D’ posts against Employment Notice No.2/2013 will be published on  or before 10th September 2016.

    2.  It is to confirm/clarify that the eligibility criteria  as notified in the above E.No.2/2013 notification  like age, educational qualifications etc. is taken on record as on the date of notification i.e. 28.09.2013 and delay in publishing the final panel does not put any candidate to disadvantage. 
    3.   It is also clarified that sufficient time will be given for reporting for posting after publication of the panel.

    1.  रोजगार सूचना सं.2/2013 पर पूर्व में समूह ‘घ ’ के पदों के लिए आयोजित भर्ती हेतु  पैनल/परिणाम दिनांक 10 सितम्‍बर, 2016 तक प्रकाशित किया जाएगा ।

    2. इस बात की पुष्टि की जाती है / यह स्‍पष्‍ट किया जाता है कि उपर्युक्‍त रोजगार सूचना सं.2/2013 की अधिसूचना में अधिसूचितानुसार पात्रता संबंधी मानदंड यथा आयु, शैक्षिक योग्‍यता आदि को अधिसूचना की तारीख अर्थात दि.28.09.2013 के अनुसार दर्ज किया गया है और अंतिम पैनल के प्रकाशन में विलंब के कारण किसी भी अभ्‍यर्थी को नुकसान नहीं होगा ।

    3. यह भी स्‍पष्‍ट किया जाता है कि पैनल के प्रकाशन के पश्‍चात तैनाती के लिए रिपोर्ट करने हेतु पर्याप्‍त समय दिया जाएगा ।

    हेल्‍पलाइन नंबर - 0836-2326262 / 0836-2326264
    HELPLINE NOs   - 0836-2326262 / 0836-2326264
    (Candidates may contact the help line numbers between
    10.00 hrs to 13.30 hrs and 14.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs on working days)


    (Updated  on 9.8.2016)


It has come to notice that some unscrupulous/fraudulent elements are spreading the rumours about ongoing   Recruitments and trapping the candidates on promise of job assurances in Railways for their personal gains.

It is clarified that Railway Recruitment Cell, Hubli has not appointed any Agency/ Person to act on its behalf. The candidates are selected purely based on their own Merit. All the Candidates are hereby advised not to fall prey to such unscrupulous/fraudulent elements promising job assurances in the Railways.